The Brighton Experience

The Brighton Surgery Center just isn't like other surgical facilities.

Brighton is truly a "Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center". We have no ties to the hospitals, we don't have a hospital-style bureaucracy, we are privately-owned and operated, and we focus on the patient.

How do we do it? Well, its actually simple:

  • Focus on the patient, assist them in understanding the services we provide, and get them back to their normal lifestyle as fast as possible.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Support our Community
  • Treat employees as part of a team and listen to their comments and concerns
  • Provide staff with the high quality tools they need to do their jobs and provide them with on-going continuing education to keep their skills current
  • Make everyone (patients, staff, vendors) part of the Quality Improvement process

Our operative word is "collegial", we believe all members of the staff deserve equal treatment. We all have the same ultimate objective - improving the health of our patient. This translates into better patient outcomes, high satisfaction rates, and a healthy community.

We are committed to providing the Rochester community with the finest in surgical services. We didn't become one of the best surgery centers in Rochester by accident; it's the result of the hard work of our employees our physicians and anesthesiology team and a focus on the patient that makes the difference.