Pre Operative Questions

When will I find out my arrival time?

Brighton Surgery will call you the afternoon prior to your scheduled surgery date

What should I bring the day of my procedure?

Please bring all insurance cards as well as a photo I.D. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to take off. It is also helpful to bring any advance care directives such as a Health Care Proxy. The center can copy these and add them to your chart. If a co pay, co insurance, or deductible applies, please bring a form of payment also.

Does my insurance cover this procedure?

The Brighton Surgery Center takes all major insurances and many outpatient surgeries/procedures are covered. Our staff will verify your insurance coverage before your visit to determine the patient responsibility. You may find it helpful to contact your insurance provider to better understand your coverage. Please note that your insurance company will receive separate bills from your surgeon, the anesthesiologist, and Brighton Surgery. When checking benefits for the surgery center, make sure you tell the insurance carrier that we are an outpatient ambulatory facility to assure you receive the correct benefit information.

Depending on your coverage, each patient may have a co pay, co insurance or deductible. You are responsible to pay at the time of the procedure unless other arrangements are made ahead of time with our billing office.

If you have any further questions, please call our billing office at (585)295-8500 x-104

Will I be contacted before my surgery?

A nurse from the Brighton Surgery Center will contact you prior to surgery to obtain your current and past health information. You will be contacted again the day before surgery with your scheduled time.

What if I cannot make my appointment?

Please notify your surgeon’s office and Brighton Surgery as soon as possible.

What should I bring?

Please bring your insurance cards, photo identification, and co pay. If you have a health care proxy, power of attorney or any other health care directive, please bring those as well. Make sure to leave any other valuables at home.


Should I take my usual daily medication?

You will receive instructions on taking your medications the day before your surgery. 

Any anticoagulant therapy (i.e. aspirin, plavix, coumadin) you should follow instructions from your physician.

How long will I be there?

Your arrival to Brighton Surgery Center, LLC is approximately one hour prior to your anticipated surgical start time.  Then the estimated surgery time which is followed by 30 to 60 minutes after the procedure is completed.

What should I do if my child develops a cold before the surgery?

If your child is scheduled for surgery and develops a cold, please notify the Health History nurse at Brighton Surgery Center, LLC.  Phone number is 585-295-9320 (direct line), especially if the child has a fever, as soon as possible.  Continuation of the surgery will be decided on an individual assessment

What should I bring for my child?

You may bring one item which provides comfort to the child.  You may also bring an “empty” sippy cup or bottle which will be used after surgery.

How long should my child refrain from eating or drinking?

Your child should have no solid food after midnight on the day before surgery.  You will receive verbal instructions regarding clear liquids and/or breast milk prior to surgery.

Post Operative Question

How long will I stay after surgery?

It depends on the type of anesthetic and the individual's response to that anesthetic.  Please estimate approximately 30 to 60 minutes after the procedure is completed.

May I drive home?

No. Any patient receiving sedation for a surgical procedure must be driven home by a responsible licensed adult. This is a safety procedure strictly adhered to for your benefit. Please make sure you have a friend or family member over the age of 18 that can be here to drive you home. If you are unable to find someone to drive you, medical transportation is also an option.

When will my child be permitted to eat or drink again?

After the procedure ends your child will receive clear liquids prior to discharge.  You will receive instructions on advancing the child’s diet at home.