Brighton Surgery Center at 980 Westfall Road in Rochester, NY is pleased to annouce we have obtained a "Femtosecond Laser" system.  The Lensx Femtosecond Laser by ALCON is utilized by our Surgeons to perform state of the art "Bladeless Laser Cataract" Surgery.  This procedure uses laser pulses to create an incision in the lens capsule, crystalline lens and the cornea with a very high degree of accuracy, without the use of a traditional blade.  Patients experience very little discomfort during this short bladeless procedure. The laser protion is done just prior to going into the operating room to remove the lens.  Currently, Brighton Surgery Center (BSC) is the only freestanding Surgery Center in Rochester, NY offering this type of Laser Cataract procedure. 

BSC has  eleven  physicians certified in Laser Cataract Surgery, Dr. Dennis Asselin, Dr. Sara Ferri, Dr. Andrew Goodfriend, Dr. Mark Jacobson, Dr. Kenneth Lindahl, Dr. Alan Robbins, Dr. Richard Seeger, Dr. Philip Sheils, Dr. Donald Tingley, Dr. Kyle Williams and Dr. Gregory Zazulak.

You can find their contact information on our website at  

We are excited to have the newest technology available for our patients at Brighton Surgery Center. 

Lensx Patient Education Brochure (2,001.00 KB)

Bladeless Laser Procedure education for Patients